Tuesday’s races will determine local, state, national leaders

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By Ben Hyatt

Election Day is similar to Christmas.
Although there is an abundance of commercials leading up to the event, voters/shoppers still manage to somehow greet the day usually unprepared.
This is a great opportunity to introduce all of the candidates that will be seen Tuesday, Nov. 6, as voters of Harrison County decide the outcome of what is shaping-up to be one of the most important political races in recent history.
Starting at the local level, there are five candidates seeking positions as city commissioners for Cynthiana.
Four of the candidates currently hold office as commissioners, including Billy Grayson, John “Jack” Keith, Roger Slade and Gary Brunker.
The final candidate running for the two-year term is former commissioner Amanda Moore, who two years ago made an unsuccessful bid for the 78th State Representative District in the 2010 race.
Voters residing in the Cynthiana city limits will be able to vote for their top four choices to hold office this coming January.
Moving on to the City of Berry, five candidates will make up the ballot for the position of city commissioners.
The commissioners seeking the two-year term are Alexa Biddle, Patricia Adams, George Ison, Nettie Ruth Adams and Timothy Fairfield.
Three Educational Districts will be voted on during the 2012 election. The three districts include the 3rd, 4th and 5th district.
Kristy Carey, who is running unopposed, will take the 3rd district, which includes precincts of Eastside School, county extension office, Leesburg and Licking Valley.
The 4th district race will be headed-up by unopposed Gary Lizer and will include the Sheriff’s Office, Westside School, Connersville and central precincts.
Edwin Taylor will run unopposed in the 5th Educational District which includes the areas of Kinman, Berry City Hall and Kelat.
Both the Circuit Clerk and 18th Judicial Circuit Commonwealth Attorney positions will run unopposed with Kathy Kearns taking the position of Circuit Clerk and Doug Miller as Commonwealth Attorney.
As for the 78th Kentucky State Representative race, incumbent Democratic candidate Tom McKee will face challenger Republican candidate Bryan Lutz, for the role of representing Harrison, Pendleton, Robertson counties and part of Campbell County in Frankfort.
McKee has held the 78th representative seat since 1997. Lutz lost during the 2010 primary election when he ran for Kentucky Senate.
Due to redistricting, Harrison County voters will be  divided between the 4th and 6th U.S. congressional districts.
Running for the 4th Congressional District, which includes the areas of Sheriff’s Office, Leesburg, Licking Valley, Westside School, Connersville, Central, Northside School, Kinman, Berry City Hall, Kelat and Sunrise, will be Rep. candidate Thomas Massie, Dem. candidate William “Bill” Adkins and Independent candidate David Lewis.
The 6th Congressional District, which includes the areas of Southside, Clifton Village, City Fire Department #2, Library, Buena Vista, Eastside and county extension office, will be Republican candidate Garland “Andy” Barr, incumbent Democratic candidate Ben Chandler and Independent candidate Randolph Vance.
Voters who are unsure what congressional district they are voting in should contact the County Clerks Office at 234-7130 for more information.
The race for the White House is closely matched between two candidates, however, five names will appear on the ballot for the spot of commander and chief.
Republican candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan will face incumbent Democrat candidate President Barack Obama and running mate Vice President Joe Biden.
The remaining field will be composed of Green Party Candidate Jill Stein and running mate Cherl Honkala, Independent Candidate Randall Terry and running mate Missy Smith.
Finally, Gary Johnson and running mate James Gary of the Libertarian Party will round-out the end of the list for presidential runners.
Also present on this year’s ballot will be the chance for voters to declare a constitutional amendment which will make hunting and fishing in Kentucky a constitutional right for all Kentucky citizens.
The amendment proposal will appear at the end of the ballot and will require voters to vote “yes” or “no” for the amendment.
Voting polls will open on Tuesday, Nov. 6, at 6 a.m., and will close at 6 p.m.
Voting polls will be located at Eastside, Westside, Northside, Southside, Middle and High schools.
For more information about candidates and voting areas contact the Harrison County Clerks Office at 234-7130.