Trying a new 'cup of tea' may just suprise you

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By: Kristie Hammon

Let me preface this by saying, I am no movie critic. I’m actually a little bit movie deprived but for some reason, a movie I watched over the weekend has me thinking.
The movie sounded dumb to begin with and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money to go see it. My boyfriend talked me into it, and we went and saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer.
Now, don’t judge just yet, like I originally did.
The movie was actually a very interesting and unique perspective on the time period and who Lincoln might have been.
Of course while much of the movie is mythical and up for debate, the movie is supposedly based off Lincoln’s actual secret journal.
I’m not much of a history buff nor am I a crazy Twilight or vampire fan. But it was an interesting film to say the least.
While the movie did have some cheesy moments with Lincoln fighting vampires with his iconic axe, the movie included lots of historical aspects with ties to the underground railroad and the civil war.
It was interesting to take on a completely different perspective for a couple of hours and get into something I never thought I would.
It amazed me how much there was to discuss after the movie.
While we all had a good idea how it would end, knowing a little bit about Lincoln’s life, the movie was oddly refreshing because it was so different.
It was a big risk for movie makers and proved so as the movie landed in third place at the box office last weekend bringing in $16,500,000. This shows that many people were probably as apprehensive about the movie as I was at first.
If you are someone who is into conspiracy theories and an unusual plot, this movie is for you. But if you are someone who isn’t into these things, or vampires, this movie may also be for you.
You will never know unless you give it a try.
What it all comes down to, is that it’s refreshing to have an open mind and experience things that you would never think you would enjoy or think would be your “cup of tea,” like a movie about an old president who killed vampires in his spare time.
Give things a chance before you assume you will have no interest in something.
You might suprise yourself like I did.