Trains vs. truck on Robinson Berry Road

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By Becky Barnes, Editor

Things could have turned out entirely different at a secluded railroad crossing on Robinson-Berry Road if not for an attentive engineer.

Harrison County Sheriff Bruce Hampton said he was called to the area around 8 p.m. Sunday night.

Emergency responders were dispatched to a train versus truck accident at the CSX crossing with Robinson Berry Road.

“There were no injuries,” Hampton said, adding that there will likely be trespassing charges filed against the driver of a 1973 Chevrolet pickup truck and its two passengers.

“When we got there the truck was about 150 to 200 feet away from the crossing heading toward Berry,” Hampton said, noting that the train was also headed toward Berry.

Hampton said when he talked to the engineer, he discovered that the truck had been intentionally parked on the tracks with no  lights on. 

The truck’s driver, Gary Williams, and two passengers, Nick Harney and Jeffery Kiskaden, walked over the hill to collect scrap metal, Hampton said.

The engineer saw the truck and began initiating emergency stopping procedures. The train was estimated to be traveling about 5 mph when it made contact with the back of the pickup truck, said Hampton.

The truck sustained minimal damage and was able to be driven from the scene. The train was not damaged, Hampton said.

The sheriff said the truck bed was empty and that the trio were still over the bank collecting scrap when the train and truck collided.