Tradition warrants better facilities

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By The Staff

To the editor:

As I sit here after returning from a Breds baseball meeting for next year, I feel a need to bring up a issue that is on the minds of many people.

Harrison County baseball is a special tradition that is known statewide. The Breds just completed a season that had them reach the state final eight teams. This was not a complete surprise, as past Baseball teams have won state championships, been runners up and seems that year after year make good showings.

I was so proud of this young team this year. The last game at Applebees park was unbelievable. You were on the edge of your seat with every pitch. The news media was everywhere. Yes, our kids came out on the losing end of a 1 to nothing score, but they did a great job.

The game itself had a very large crowd and most of them from Harrison County. The attendance for this game was the most of any game in a state tournament. This just shows how the people of Harrison County back their student athletes.

The area of concern I have is not with the program but our facilities As I traveled to Florida and all over the state this year, I was amazed at some of the facilities that most other teams have. Some had locker rooms, weight rooms and batting cages all in one building. What do our kids have? We have a little outside hitting area with a big tire in the ground next to it. Our players dont even have a place to change out their clothes after the game . They do it behind the dugout. Whats up with this?

I look behind our field and see a nice new tennis court. We are also getting a new football stadium with a track for the track team. This is good as we needed a new stadium, and also the tennis court was long overdue.

The baseball team also deserves something. Why cant we have some type of building built for our kids? They dont have to have everything but at least a place where they can change clothes and also have a place to workout or hit. Imagine how our team would perform if they had an indoor facility for the winter months. Our program has been left far behind when it comes to our facilities. Baseball will never be left behind when it comes to playing because our motto says Breds Baseball: Its a Matter of Pride. Everywhere you go when the name Harrison County comes up, its said They always have a good baseball team.

I am a former player myself and consider it an honor to say I was a member of a Harrison County Baseball team at one time. We need a facility built not just for our current kids now, but also for the kids in the future. Im not sure how it would be done, but theres one thing I am sure of: It can be done.

Tommy Thompson