Today I saw a hero

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To the editor:
As any family member will tell you, all the young men and women who left the Cynthiana Armory Monday, Feb. 11 are ttrue herd’s. Make no mistake, they are truly the next greatest generation.
But I would like to tell you about one I know personally. I’ve known this man for 41 years and he is a born leader, the type of person you would want with you in a fight or a foxhole. He has made a career of helping others. Two weeks out of high school he left for the Air Force where he ended up a medic in the First Gulf War in Kuwait. When his five years of duty were up he became a fireman and EMT, he also joined the National Guard and decided to make a career of both.
He became a Paramedic in civilian life and a phatoon leader in the Guard. In 2008 he went back to the Middle East. This time to Afganistan where he sometimes had to use his medical training to help Afgan civilians who were blown apart by suicide bombers.
I’ve seen this man become a father who’s five year old daughter has him wrapped around her little finger, and just melt in her presence.
Monday I saw him head off to the Middle East for the third time. After ordering his soldiers to attention he turned to the crowd of family members, many with tears in their eyes and said “thank you for coming out to see us off, don’t worry, they will be alright, we’ll take care of them.”
This man’s name is Sgt. First Class Jerry D. Sipe, my son and my hero.
Gary E. Sipe
Cynthiana, Ky.