Tobacco receiving station opens at old Cleveland Twist

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By Ben Hyatt

International Tobacco Trading Group and Golden Leaf announced the grand opening of a new receiving station for Harrison and surrounding county farmers.
The seemingly impossible task of tobacco selling may have just gotten a little easier for Harrison County farmers through the opening of a new burley receiving station.
According to Harrison County Agriculture Agent Gary Carter, tobacco crops in Harrison County are becoming harder to keep a tally on than ever before.
“From year to year we have no idea who is raising tobacco,” said Carter. “Farmers who have been denied contracts in the past might look to the new receiving station as a new avenue to travel in the future.”
Carter said the new receiving station may provide a way for tobacco growers to sell extra tobacco that they have no contract for.
“If you have a contract for 25,000 pounds but you raised 40,000, this might be a way to sell that extra tobacco,” said Carter.
Local tobacco farmer and current contact for ITTG and Golden Leaf Tobacco, Brian Furnish, said that this is a great opportunity to bring back some competition in tobacco buying.
“Right now farmers are having to drive an hour or more to sell their crops,” said Furnish. “Now they have a resource right in Harrison County.”
Furnish said the new receiving station, which is located on White Oak Pike at the former Cleveland Twist Plant, will hopefully aid farmers in getting more bang for their buck.
“Farmers deserve every penny they can get for their crops and competition can make prices rise in favor for farmers,” said Furnish.
Furnish said the receiving station does not require farmers to have a contract to sell.
Furnish further said that the receiving station offered by ITTG and Golden Leaf provides this service with no sales commissions, no Malcam Moisture Meter, no paying graders, no penalty for small bales, and no farm assessments.
“We are not requiring contracts right now, however, if a farmer wishes to have a contract for next year, they will be able to make arrangements for one,” said Furnish. “This is a great opportunity for our local tobacco growers.”
James Comer, Kentucky Commissioner for Agriculture, was present at International Tobacco Trading Group and Golden Leaf’s Lebanon receiving station Monday, Nov. 5, for the grand opening.
“This service provided by ITTG and Golden Leaf gives Kentucky burley growers another market for their crop,” Commissioner Comer said. “That can only help our producers get the price they deserve.”