Tip Line now available through Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association website

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The Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association announces the availability of a Tip Line accessible on their website. “Anyone who may have important information for any Sheriff’s Office in the Commonwealth may now provide that information through a Tip Line now available on the Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association website and it will be forwarded to the appropriate office,” according to Executive Directory Jerry Wagner.
Wagner says, “All identifying information is removed before the tip is received by the Sheriff’s Office.  This “Tipline/Contact” page can be used to notify the Sheriff’s Office of illegal drug activity or other illegal activity that you feel we need to know.  The law enforcement receive numerous tips about drug and other illegal activity that have been used in the prosecution of several cases. When sending a tip please be as specific as possible as to Who, What, Where, and When, the events have taken place. Remember, not all tip line information is actionable but is good knowledge and you can choose to remain anonymous.”
You may reach the tip line from the KSA website at kentuckysheriffs.ky.gov and click the line to submit at http://kentuckysheriffs.ky.gov/pages/contact.aspx.’
For more information about the Tip Line or the Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association, visit the webside or contact Wagner at 606-267-6161 or 606-782-0592.