Those who vandalize cemeteries will have to answer to a higher authority

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By The Staff

To the editor,

In regard to Ms. Ritchie’s letter. Join the club!

This past Memorial Day I placed a saddle of flowers on my mom and dad’s monument in Kentontown Cemetery. When I want to get them they were gone. I looked all around at all the beautiful ones, still on their stones not touched. Yet they chose to take mine.

This cemetery in Robertson County is the most vandalized one that I know of.

In 1996 we moved our stone to Battle Grove so it would be safe, after it was painted red.

My cousin by marriage called me one day and said someone had gone in the same cemetery and sawed off a three foot angel off of her baby sister’s stone. It’s gone forever!

This lady is ninety. She was devasted the angel was over a 100 years old.

In the summer of 2007 on Memorial Day weekend, they, (whomever), burned the old 1840s church to the ground, and in doing so damaged a bronze memorial Charlie North and I had placed on my great-great-grandfather’s grave, Duncan Harding. He helped establish the County of Robertson Aug. 1, 1867 while in government at Frankfort and donated the land for this church.

I am so sorry that I buried my mom and dad in this cemetery. If they were in Battle Grove, they would be safe. So Ms. Ritchie, you are not the only one that has been hurt and some day people who in my book are the lowest of people, that God lets walk among us. Some day they will answer for yours and mine.

Burning the old 1840s church was the last straw. It was a dream of mine and my late husband, Charlie North, and cousin James Dempsey, and the Robertson County Historical Society. Yet they set out to destroy that dream on Memorial Day weekend 2007, while my husband lay dying of cancer. In doing so they damaged a bronze memorial Charlie and I put up on my great-great-grandfathers grave who, while in government help to get Robertson a county Aug. 1, 1867. And yet they still take my flowers.

Take care Ms. Ritchie and know they will answer some day to a higher judge.

Nancy North