There’s always ghosts walking at Rohs

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By Kate Darnell

My first-ever, real job was at Rohs Opera House.

I don’t count my father’s monetary bribes for a Mt. Dew refill as a real job.

“I’ll give you a dime if you run upstairs and get me another glass of Mt. Dew,” he would say.

The first night of my first real job, I thought I was going to die.

“It’s Thursday night so we’re going to need to change the marquee,” the manager said. “You’re not scared of heights are you?”

“Oh, no...” Is the first day on the job the best time to admit that you still get a little nervous when you look out a second-story window?

And so there I was... practically on the top rung of a ladder, reaching high above my head, to slide out “d” and “e” and “m,” in order to make room for “a,” “t” and “w.”

The process of changing the marquee was, and I’m sure continues, to be long, tedious and frightening.

I sometimes wonder why I was put on top of a ladder the first night on the job.

I soon learned that if I couldn’t handle heights at Rohs, I wasn’t going to be able to face much else.

Rohs Opera House is haunted.

I don’t care whether you believe in ghosts or not, I’ll dare anyone to stand in the middle of the theater, backstage or basement, and tell me they don’t feel a little creeped out.

Rohs is known to have a lady ghost that visits the movie theater often.

While I’ve never seen the “lady in white,” I whole-heartedly believe those that claim they have.

I like to believe (or reassure myself) the “lady in white” chooses not to show herself to those she knows would pee their pants upon her arrival.

Some people (not me) love the thrill of being freaked out.

I hate anything that raises my heart rate - roller coasters, bats, rats, bills in the mail and the supernatural.

Throughout October, Rohs Opera House will be hosting its Ghost Walks every Friday and Saturday evening, beginning at 7, 8 and 9 p.m.

While there may be enough scary footage in Rohs Opera House for a 10-hour tour, Roger Slade and James Smith take Ghost Walkers throughout downtown Cynthiana to other “haunted” buildings.

You won’t look at some of the buildings again without feeling a little tickle travel up your spine.

And as if you won’t be creeped out enough, the Ghost Walk ends at Rohs in Aeolian Hall, where Roger and James show footage and sound bites from past ghost hunts... some of them occurring just feet from where you’re seated.

I wouldn’t recommend going alone.

Looking back, I can’t believe I ever worked at the place now named the third most haunted building in Kentucky. I can’t even watch a scary movie.

But to this day, it’s fun for me to go back to Rohs.

A lot has changed about the one-screen theater on Pike Street. There’s new seats, a new concession counter, new lights, new entertainment and new ideas.

But for all the “new” at Rohs, there remains the “old” that will forever paint Rohs as the character it is.

Some things at Rohs will never change.

The “lady in white” will never leave, the marquee will always display the weekend’s agenda, I’ll always be a little creeped out and I’ll always go back.