There is some time that I will never get back

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

I was coerced Sunday to waste more time than I have wasted in I don’t know when.  
It depends on one’s definition of “wasted time” but in my mind, I lost several hours.  
NASCAR has not started yet so those of you who think that it is a waste of time to watch a bunch of cars drive in a circle, that wasn’t my time waster.  
I like NASCAR and don’t consider that a waste of time especially if I am in attendance at the track.  
That, while loud, is a load of fun and I even enjoy it when I go to work at the track for the football boosters fund raiser.  
Speaking of NASCAR, how about Danica Patrick sitting on the pole at Daytona?  Hopefully she can move out of Tony’s way when he passes her.
I let Ian Boland and John Green talk me into this waste of time so it is my fault.  
One is 9 years old and easily influenced and the other; well the other is John Green. So that explains why I did it as much as it can be explained.
What did I waste my time on? Last night (Sunday) I watched one half of the NBA All Star game.  
First, I was bombarded by what I learned, after listening for what seemed like forever to some of the worst so called music and some inappropriately dressed “dancers” gyrating around the “singer,” was the player introductions.  
Not only did I have to endure this for the East team but again for the West and after both teams were introduced.  Then came the singing of “Oh Canada,” which was extremely important for the fans that were there in Houston from Toronto and then a nice version of the National Anthem.  
Finally, the game started and I saw what the NBA passes off as basketball for the first half before thankfully Ian fell asleep and I changed the channel on the television.  
If I was a high school or youth coach I would forbid my players from watching the NBA.  
There is no question that the athletes are gifted beyond belief and are talented basketball players.  
So, since that is the case, why don’t they play basketball?  
They travel all over the floor, they palm the ball and they foul like nobody’s business without it being called.  
The officials, I have always contended, in the NBA are there to make sure the “stars” get an advantage.   
If you watch a high school game now, you see many occasions where the ball is carried by palming and hand checking has gotten so bad that it is a point of emphasis for the officials to call it.  
The college game is so rough that if the rules are called as they are strictly written many games would have more free throws that field goals attempted.  
The NBA players are so talented if they were to play the game as written they could adjust and play within the rules.  
Maybe I am naïve or have a bad memory, but back when Bill Russell and K.C. Jones led the Celtics and Guy Rogers and Hal Greer played for the 76’ers, the game was played better and the fans still came to watch.  
I am sure the target audience is not 64-year-old men especially for the pregame, but it was not what I had hoped to see when I turned on the game.  But I learned something and as long as a person learns something every day I guess the day is not wasted.