Thanks Dr. Joe

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To the editor:
The Hospital Board and HMH Staff are to be commended for sponsoring a reception on June 12 to honor the lengthy and highly successful medical practice of Dr. Joe A. Nichols.  
Janice and I went to Dr. Smiser for a few years before Joe started his practice in that office. It was easy to transition to Dr. Nichols, and we were with him until his retirement. Being born during the Depression, I thought of Joe as one possessing many of the admirable traits of the “country doctor”.  
He established good communication skills with his patients, including good listening skills. He did not just wait for his turn to talk. Joe did not tell you what you wanted to hear; he told you what you needed to hear. I greatly admired him for not hesitating to send one for specialist attention. Over the years, I heard many unsolicited compliments from specialists regarding Joe’s perception and skills.  
My wife and I certainly hold Dr. Joe Nichols in high regard, and we extend best wishes to him in his retirement. I would be remiss if I did not thank Alice, Beth and Joe Joe for sharing him with this community.  

William C. Doan