Thanking those who make it all work

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To the ladies who help county and city officials operate more efficiently

By Ben Hyatt

Often when we say thank you... we usually forget some of the names or the smaller people who make accomplishments possible.
If you recall an article written in the December 30, 2010 edition of the Cynthiana Democrat, there was a column written by our own Becky Barnes.
The column was a tribute to the men and women who have served Harrison County and Cynthiana faithfully for their elected terms as well as the agencies that provide a service to the county and the city.
The article was very appropriate and in my opinion shed light on all the hard decisions and situations that those figures are faced with.
However, I would like to add to the thanks and look to a group that is often over looked.
Behind any good agency or good group of leaders is usually some kind of office personnel who comes everyday to work and gives it their all.
This column is a tribute to the women of the county and city, who put in an overwhelming number of hours to ensure the growth and well-being of our community.
Before I begin, I would like to say that I am mentioning non-elected officials only. I will be discussing those I see on a routine basis and apologize to anyone that I may forget or that any reader may see worthy of being acknowledged.
First off, I must list the secretaries who are involved in our school system.
From identifying kids in a picture, to setting up times where we can meet teachers, the secretaries of the public schools have been very helpful to the news team at the Democrat.
We say thank you to: Westside, Dana Waits, Pam Hamm; Northside, Debbie Shuler, Ladonna Price; Eastside, Belinda Martin, Diana Wright; Southside, Ann Wells, Barbara Whitaker; Middle School, Laura Hehr; High school, Kim Soard.
I know that to ask the teachers and principals how much your service means to them would only result in an awkward look that says “words cannot express.”
Looking deeper into the county and city, we find a number of women, who in my opinion, are the only reason that the county and city are able to function each day.
The city, of course, has Charleen McIlvain working as the city clerk. McIlvain has now served the city for 24 years and counting.
A newcomer to the city is Angel Miles, with the Cynthiana Police Department. Being there only about a month full-time, as the clerk for CPD, she shows promising attributes that will no doubt ensure a professional and successful career as a city employee. Welcome and good luck.
On to the ladies who keep the county running.
I have often said the visits to the sheriff’s office are the highlight of my work week. The things that are said and the jokes that are told.... may they always be kept in secret.
It is no doubt that I will hear about saying it but, Christy Barnes and Rosie Hampton earn every penny that they get paid there.
A job that not everyone could do, they do with a smile and with little vocal complaining... not to say the looks they give are not priceless.
I know County Judge-Executive Alex Barnett feels most fortunate to have the three amigos working with him.
Judy Smith as our finance administrator, Melody McClure, tax administrator and county treasurer, Candida Lewis, without a doubt serve crucial functions to county government.
I can say first hand that they give it their all and they should be thanked for their precision work and willingness to go the extra mile.
Personally I would like to thank all these women who sometimes get overlooked.
You all should be commended for your continued hard work.
On behalf of the news team here at The Cynthiana Democrat, we say thank you and keep up the good work.