Teens caught with stolen loot

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Investigation continues into possible connection with area burglaries

By Joshua Shepherd

A routine car search at the Hilltop Grill just after midnight Thursday morning found four young people in possession of a large amount of electronic equipment, some of which had been reported stolen a day earlier.

Cynthiana Assistant Police Chief Bill Denton was dispatched to investigate a suspicious-looking vehicle parked behind the Hilltop Grill. It was just after midnight and the restaurant was closed. 

According to the arrest report, on approach to the vehicle Denton smelled a strong odor of burned marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Dustin Harrison, 19, was in the driver’s seat of the brown Chevrolet. Three others were in the car with him. Angelica Mosley, 19, was in the front passenger seat; Joey Pratt, 19, and Jonathon Baker, 18, were in the back seat. 

They are all from Cynthiana.

Denton was granted permission to search the car. He was joined by Ptl. John Bright, Ptl. Michael Kiskaden and Ptl. Jeff Thomas.

Instead of illegal narcotics, however, police discovered a large amount of electronics in the vehicle.

With several reported thefts in the county area, Cynthiana police contacted the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the stolen equipment. 

Among the equipment stored in the vehicle, Sheriff’s deputies Nathan Olin and Tuan Kreer identified a Dell laptop computer that Amanda Faulkner had reported stolen from her home the previous night.

Olin had been dispatched at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon when Faulkner reported that her home had been burglarized. Someone had entered her home through a bedroom window and stolen several electronic devices, including a laptop and a gaming console.

Officers recovered an X-Box 360 gaming console from the  car which they believe may have come from Faulkner’s home. As of press time, it had not been positively identified.

All four suspects were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property under $10,000. The suspects were detained at Bourbon County Detention Center while police sought identification of these items and other electronics in their possession. 

 Attempts to connect the recovered equipment with items reported missing from two county churches burglarized a week earlier have come up empty.