Teen charged with assault following attack outside city hall

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By Becky Barnes

By Becky Barnes, Editor
A 14-year-old Cynthiana boy has been charged with felony first degree assault after a fight at City Hall gym on Saturday afternoon.
According to Sgt. Wilbur Gross, the 14-year-old and a 16-year-old had been in an on-going verbal battle for a few days.
Sometime between 12 and 12:30 p.m., the younger juvenile walked down the street in the west-end of town and was allegedly told by the older teen that it was his street and he was not allowed there.
Gross said about two hours later, the 14-year-old went inside the City Hall gymnasium with a gardening or farm tool that had a claw on the end.
Witnesses told Gross the younger boy went straight to the older boy and started striking him with the claw. The victim ended up with eight puncture wounds, the main one being to his head.
Police were first called to the area around the public library. However, Gross was flagged down on Walnut Street by a girl who was with the victim.
The young man was taken to Harrison Memorial Hospital where he was treated for puncture wounds and lacerations and released.
Gross said when police went to the 14-year-old’s house, he told them where the weapon was hidden. The claw-like implement was recovered and police were able to meet with the boy and his mother.
That’s when police learned of the on-going troubles between the two.
Gross said several boys were inside City Hall gym playing basketball. The 16-year-old was among the group.
The gym door was left open for a private party that was to happen later in the day.
Gross said there were at least five witnesses to the attack.
The 14-year-old was taken to Campbell County Detention Center. An 11:30 a.m. juvenile hearing was set for Monday morning.