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Using smart phones as educational tool

We are in the age of technological advancements; phones, gaming systems, and cars with back- up cameras. It all seems kind of crazy to experience all of the advancements first hand. Some may think negatively of today’s boom in technology, but there is a way to use the new technology to our advantage.
Smart phones have become a large part of teenager’s lives. Teenagers don’t go anywhere without their phones. The numerous apps that are available on our smart phones can be used for students school work. Adults can use apps to their advantage also. There are apps for recipes, reading, directions, games, and so much more. Why buy hundreds of reading books, recipe books, and road maps when you can have all of it on your phone?
You can buy or get for free all of these apps on the App Store:
•Campus Portal- A way to follow your children’s grades
•EBay- Classified ad site
•Craigslist- Classified ad site
•Dictionary- Regular dictionary
•Kindle- Audio books
•Amazon- Retail store
•Anylist- List Maker
•Schedule Planner- Day planner
•Week Calendar- Regular calendar
•Spending Tracker- Keep a Budget
•Checkbook + Track your Transactions
•CNN- News
•The Weather Channel- Weather
To expand your knowledge of technology you should consider investigating today’s technology, in particular, smart phones and their apps that can help make your life easier.