TEA Party Tax Rally is Saturday

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To the editor:
As Tax Day looms (April 16) we are once again reminded that the burden of tax weighs heavily on the individuals that PAY tax.  
I, and fellow members of the local T.E.A. Party, have been closely following events in Washington. There is a clear disconnect between our politicians and reality. Our government has been spending, in ever increasing numbers, money which it does not have. The congress and the senate have not submitted an agreed upon budget in many years. Senator Reid has just announced that he will not submit a budget this year as well.
We are being lead down a path of self destruction - following in the footsteps of Greece and many other countries. If “We the People” do not stand up and demand a fiscally responsible government, we will be just as guilty as those leading us down this destructive path.
I would like to invite everyone who cares about our future and the future of the next generations to join me this Saturday, April 14, on the front lawn of the Court House for the Harrison County T.E.A. Party Tax Rally. The program begins at 11 a.m.  
In closing, I would like to remind the people that are either on the receiving end of our tax dollars - whether you be government workers or beneficiaries of the various social/entitlement programs, that you have much more to lose if our system collapses. Join us this Saturday.
Avi Bear