Taxed enough already is what we are

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To the editor:
From my point of reference as an ordained Baptist pastor, I have too long stood on the sidelines watching my beloved United States depart from the Biblical principles of individual integrity and responsibility that made this nation the object of God’s blessing. Three springs ago, I was pleased to find that I was not alone. I attended an impromptu, sane, orderly rally on the courthouse lawn in Lexington and listened with joy to some patriots speak the truth against the lack of fiscal responsibility in Washington, DC. We were emotionally charged, but not violent. We left that lawn as pristine as we found it.
I have found a like-minded group in Harrison County, and I am pleased to be identified with the local Tea Party. Our name says it all--Taxed Enough Already! Enemies have tried to brand us with insulting titles such as terrorists, racists, obstructionists, extremists, etc. It is amazing that simply adhering to time-honored patriotic ideals has suddenly made many of us the object of hatred and vilification. The Tea Party I know is nothing like CBS, NBC, ABC, or CNN paint it to be. We meet locally. Find out for yourself.

John L. Chamberlin
Cynthiana, Ky.