Tax dollars going to waste

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By The Staff

To the editor, 

I would like to know why Cynthiana does not have a dog warden? Harrison County has one.

The reason I am concerned about this is for months I have had a problem with my neighbor’s dogs. The police chief told me the problem would be taken care of months ago, the code enforcement officer tells me something different every time I talk to him and suggested I call the dog warden,  who laughed and told me that he works for the county, and they were “passing the buck.”

They would not tolerate listening to dogs bark constantly all day.  I have had two spinal surgeries and have screws and titanium rods that makes me not leave my house sometimes because the dogs run loose in my yard and I am afraid they will knock me down, so this makes a situation were I have to alter my lifestyle because city officials will not  make him a responsible dog owner.

The new police chief stated in your paper that he was going to listen to the citizens.

I am a citizen and a taxpayer. Does the color of your skin or the area of town you live in determine if you get equal  protection under the law?

My neighbor, Terry, leaves the dogs home at night while he stays with his girlfriend in the projects. I spoke to the housing authority about this and when I followed up, I was told he was put on the lease.

The citizens of this town who are so outraged that Obama won the election should be outraged about how their tax dollars are being wasted. The Housing Authority is wasting our tax dollars when they let someone who is renting a house on Poplar Street lease a project unit. I remember watching those houses being built. I also remember how well the property was maintained. Recliners and couches were not used for porch furniture. I don’t remember anyone having a bullet go through a bedroom window while they were asleep and go to work tired because the neighbors in the projects were having a loud party. This happened last summer.

Maybe people voted against Obama because he said he was going to stop waste in government. We don’t like the “bail outs” in Washington, but we also have our tax dollars being wasted when you have police that won’t protect you, a code enforcement officer who want do his job as well as the Housing Authority. Over 52 percent of this country believed, yes a black  man is capable of being president.

I grew up in the 60’s in Cynthiana when the schools had not integrated. Racial prejudice was just a part of life then, but my parents raised us to believe we could accomplish anything if we worked hard and got a good education, the same way I instilled in my two sons.

To the minister on WCYN radio who stated he could go to bed on election night knowing Obama did not win Kentucky, it must be a burden preaching the love of God, and spewing such hatred against President-Elect. Obama.

I hope you don’t lose your tax status and any money you get from the faith-based initiative program.                              

Joyce Willis