Tawasha’s store will be an asset

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I do not understand the continuing objections to plans for a new store in Leesburg.

If you know, or get to know the Tawasha family you will understand how ridiculous the objections to this new business are.

I do agree that Highway 62 W can be, mainly because of speed, a dangerous road. More patrols and citations would do much to reduce that problem.

Unsightly views are easily hidden by privacy fences and, if needed, evergreen trees.

I’m sure that there are state regulations and inspections regarding soil percolation. Building could not take place unless the property met those specifications.

I find it hard to believe that the concerns, as listed in the Democrat’s article, are honest concerns. Should anyone have legitimate concerns, be they property values or financial loss they should object on that basis not on drainage, scenery, and garbage and environmental issues.

I do not usually voice my concerns publicly but his family is honest, hardworking and responsible. Ned Tawasha just wants to support his family with a business in which he has experience. He is a tax paying resident of Harrison County and wants to work in Harrison County.

I feel certain that our citizens are aware of the need for new business, both large and small. Ned Tawasha will be an asset in the business community, large and small.

Robert Fulton