Take care of your beloved pets before it's too late

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Last week I lost a friend. Three or four times a week when I would go outside in the evening to water my flowers, he would be there waiting for me. He was funny, charming, beautiful, a flirt, and a bit of a moocher.

I would put my watering can down and go back into the house to get him a treat. He waited on the sidewalk for me and, sometimes performed a few tricks for me. He always made me smile. Then he walked beside me to his bowl for a treat. I looked forward to seeing him. He belonged to my neighbors and his name was Buddy.

Then very early last Thursday as I pulled out to go to work I saw him... a small grey cat lying very still on Church Street beside the Baptist church.

Please, please dont let it be him, I thought.

I stopped my car behind the spot where he lay and put on my flashers. When I touched him he was still warm... but the light that was buddy had gone out. I picked him up and laid him very carefully on the sidewalk. And then I cried, most of the way to Lexington. I hope the person who hit him didnt intend to.

Please, if you have pets that you love, protect them. An eight-pound cat is no match for a 2,000 pound car, neither is a 150-pound dog. The car will always prevail, and your heart will be broken. Possibly someone elses heart will be broken, too.

Keep your cats in the house and your dogs inside a fence or on a leash when they are outside. The average life span of a cat or dog that lives outside is five years. Keep up their vaccinations and spay or neuter them. Be responsible and encourage others to do the same. Feed them well and love them enough to keep them safe. Then they can die peacefully of old age.

Farewell Buddy, I will always remember you.

Jennie Cox