Suspected shoplifting ring busted

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By Becky Barnes

Police believe they have broken up a shoplifting ring that has plagued Wal-Marts and K-Mart in Harrison, Bourbon and Scott counties.

Cpl. Walter Tapp of the Cynthiana Police Department arrested one of four women who are suspects in the theft ring.

According to Tapp, the first complaint came from Cynthianas Wal-Mart on Sunday when a manager reported finding over $500 worth of empty DVD and video game boxes.

The shelf was completely empty and they knew they hadnt sold any, Tapp said.

In all, 26 items were discovered stolen on Sunday.

Tapp said he reviewed the security tapes with store personnel and identified the suspects.

On Monday, one of the women was allegedly back at Wal-Mart wearing a vendor tag and was recognized by an employee.

Tapp said he and Harrison County Sheriffs Deputy Chris Shields arrived at the store and arrested one of the suspect women.

April Grondine, 21, of Georgetown, was charged with two counts of second degree criminal possession of a forged instrument because she had two drivers licenses that had allegedly been altered. She was also charged with two counts of felony shoplifting.

Tapp said the second day haul looked to be over $900 worth of DVDs and video games for X-Boxes and Wiis. He said they also found some merchandise that could not be identified as belonging to Cynthianas Wal-Mart.

Tapp said he is pursuing felony warrants for two other adults suspects as well as one for a 16-year-old girl, whom police have identified as a person of interest.

Tapp said there were four women believed to be involved in the thefts. However, he said not all four were present both days.

Other charges are pending, Tapp said.