Support our mayor and his efforts

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To the editor:
I strongly support Mayor Moses in his efforts to repair Water Works Abdallah Road. It has been unusable for quite some time but before its closure many motorists made good use of it.
Why should we have to wait until the bypass is completed before people decide to fix this road? It seems to me, that when Mayor Moses wants to make improvements toward the betterment of our town, his commissioner’s vote against him. This is why I feel that this town will never grow. My concern is that they do not wish to see our cozy little town flourish whilst under Mayor Moses’ leadership. Our elected officials have a favorite word... “Wait.” Wait on everything that should matter, that is unless it was their idea in the first place!
We all need to stand by our Mayor! We have one willing to put in the time. One who cares about this place. I for one will not stand idly by and watch while Cynthiana crumbles around us.
Take pride in your city and trust in your Mayor. You voted for the right guy, it’s time we all stand behind him in his efforts. Not only for the repair of Abdallah Road, but for any and all improvements he plans for our future.
Brian Williams
Cynthiana, Ky.