Support has made my dream come true

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To the editor:
As I prepare for my Heart of Europe trip as a student ambassador with the People to People Program, I want to thank the many people who have helped make this trip possible. First, I want to thank the anonymous person that nominated me as a candidate for this program.
Also, I want to thank my teachers, Julie Lucky and Carla Walker, for their letter of recommendation that they submitted to the program on my behalf. Thanks to the many people who supported me by purchasing calendars, which was a large part of my fundraising activities. A special thank you to the Judy family, my Uncle Steve Judy, Aunt Sherry, Mrs. Larry Judy, Mary June Brunker, Nanny and Papaw Duncan, Papaw Kern, Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Cutty Duckworth, Becky and John Galbreath, my family and friends, and especially my parents, Gary and Teresa, and my brother, Logan, for their continued support and dedicated.
Hannah Duncan
Cynthiana, Ky.