Supplies shouldn’t be required for students in public schools

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By The Staff

To the editor:

The supplement published with the Thursday July 22 edition of the Cynthiana Democrat, “Back To School,” was so nice and informative for everyone - students, parents, grandparents, business people, and for that fact, everyone in the community. I wish there had been something like this in my day. No more guessing or asking about bus schedules, classes, even wearing apparel. Nothing second hand. Just read it and keep it handy until it all becomes routine.

The article on what the high school students need to be equipped with was most interesting. The list included each ninth and tenth grade teachers and what they taught. Next came a list of all the items that particular teacher required for his or her class. Did anyone take the time to shop around and see exactly what that cost might be? Did anyone ask why all of these things were required? Aren’t our schools called “public” because they are attended by the public and for the public? Aren’t the schools funded by the state and federal government? Don’t your taxes pay the state and the federal government to supply your state and federal schools with all “necessary” items for the classes? Harrison County Schools are not private. Private schools expect to be supplemented by the parents. Public schools should not expect extra funding for school supplies from the students nor the parents.

Let us say our students lived in a wealthy, thriving, industrious community, where their parents held great jobs, lived in a great neighborhood and the students themselves held decent part-time jobs that provided a bit of pocket money. Maybe in a similar situation of that kind, it would not be such a hardship on the parents or the students to fork over a few bucks for a few supplies. I frankly feel the whole supply thing is blown way out of portion.

I also noticed every business (especially Wal-Mart) posts a “Back to School” list of all the things they feel necessary for your child to start school with. Baloney! The government does provide everything a grade school child needs to start school. A parent need buy nothing but clothes and shoes. Did the “Back to School” supplement mention that fact anywhere? If it did, I apologize. I could not find it. Do you have any idea how many single parents there are out there in your community? Some with only “get-by pay checks,” if they are lucky. Others are on welfare or unemployment. Some, more than you think, with disabilities.

We talk about equality, but we do nothing to help. Why should some children feel inferior because they cannot afford to buy the, quote “necessary” supplies?

I would like to see this paper print a list of what the government does supply for our public school children. Maybe that would help the less fortunate and also relieve some peer pressure when it is back to school time again.

Jayne Newman