Stolen wheels

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Accident victim’s wheelchair taken

By Becky Barnes

Robert Case had his new wheelchair a mere three weeks before it was stolen from in front of his Walnut Street home.

It was a series of the unusual that melded together and made it necessary for  Case to leave his brand new wheelchair along the curb on Wednesday, Jan. 6.

He was home alone about 2 p.m. when his girlfriend, Glenna, called to tell him the car wouldn’t start. She was at Ken’s NewMarket and needed a ride home.

Usually, he has the car and she takes the truck. It was just the opposite on this day. As a double amputee, Case, 38, said it is difficult to load the wheelchair into the truck by himself. A much more doable feat in the car.

However, he wheeled to the curb and hoisted himself into the truck. Feeling that he would be gone only a matter of minutes, Case left the chair.

“It’s a pretty quiet neighborhood,” Case said, thinking that his chair would be fine for not longer than he planned to be gone. “I wasn’t going to be gone long at all.”

When he returned about 30 minutes later, his new Quickie II, with wheel guards and midnight blue frame, was gone.

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