Stars of the late summer border

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By Jeneen Wiche

There are just some perennials that I can’t live without because of their fabulous late summer and fall performance.  Plant them in your garden now because you will over look them in the garden centers come spring, missing out on yet another year. 

Honestly, my mixed perennial beds look the best this time of the year (barring any unpleasant summer drought or hurricane-force winds).  The black-eyed Susan’s, Russian sage and various species of Aster, Salvia and Nepeta are prolific, but they are only mediocre anchor plants compared to some of the other species that come on this time of the year.

One of my favorite combinations in the garden is that of Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ and Solidago ‘Fireworks’.  ‘Fireworks’ is a cultivated variety of golden rod that reaches about three feet in height and has an arching spray of yellow blooms reminiscent of fireworks.