Spring weed control starts now

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By Jeneen Wiche

My friend Dee Dee keeps asking me about the best way to finally eradicate the creeping Charlie that has invaded her back yard. She is reluctant to use synthetic herbicides, or “poisons” as she puts it. 

I can relate because I feel the same way. However, controlling certain weeds otherwise takes some serious planning and commitment over the entire season. Our property is large enough for me not to worry about some weedy imperfections out in the field, but a small backyard is the space that many enjoy throughout the summer so they desire a reasonable weed-to-grass ratio. 

As soil and air temperatures warm, weed seed begins to germinate. You have probably noticed some of the cool season culprits like henbit, chickweed and wild onion. Perennial performers like violets are waiting in the wings with dandelions not too far behind.