Sports columnist given a second opinion

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To the editor:
Being a Harrison County sports fan and a longtime reader of The Cynthiana Democrat, I feel the need to comment on an article in the March 31st edition written as “Mike’s Minute”.
Anyone who has ever read this column surely knows that the author is from Indiana. Around here, the majority of people are fans of the Reds, UK, and Harrison County sport teams; not Indiana University, the St. Louis Cardinals, or the Tell City Tigers. This article seems like a case of sour grapes. As I will agree the burning of furniture is senseless, Mike writes as if only UK fans do this.
Coach Cal has made basketball exciting around here again. He again will have the  No. 1 recruiting class for the third time at UK. A lot of programs would like to have the anticipation these classes bring to the upcoming season... including IU. I’m not crazy about one-and-done players. I wish they would have to stay at least two years, but as Tom Izzo (coach of Michigan State) says, “Don’t blame the kids for rules made by adults.”  
The last paragraph in the article crosses the line. Cheaters is a strong accusation toward the UK program and Coach Cal. The NCAA has not charged Coach Cal in either the UMass or Memphis investigations. So, maybe one shouldn’t assume “how long it will take for UK to forfeit wins.”
How long did it take at IU when Kelvin Sampson was leading that program?
I wonder if the author of this article would feel the same way if Coach Cal was the coach of the Hoosiers, or the Tell City Tigers? By the way, we all knew you’d be pulling for Butler.

Al Isaac