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Freshmen defense too much for
Bourbon County
Despite losing running back Luke Slucher on the first play of the game, the Harrison County freshmen defeated Bourbon County 13-0 Monday night on Lawson Field. Slucher, who was taken from the field via ambulance, returned before the end of the junior varsity game and appears to be ready to play next Monday when the freshmen host Montgomery County in Ingles Stadium.  
The Harrison County defense was largely responsible for the win as they put on a display of physical play that left the Bourbon County players at a loss.  Dalton Moore scored the first touchdown on a 20-yard run and Austin Jackson made the point after for a 7-0 lead.  
The second score came later on a Tanner Wells throw to Tyler Jackson for a touchdown. Jackson’s kick was blocked for the final 13-0 verdict for the home Harrison County squad.
The junior varsity was limited to one score that was a touchdown pass from Malcolm Walker to Brian Davis who made a nice run into the end zone.  Bourbon County won this game 28-6. The junior varsity will also face Montgomery County next Monday.