Spending for gravel lot makes no sense

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To the editor:
As a citizen of Cynthiana, I’m very concerned about the direction of our town.  The recent decision to spend over $160,000 to have buildings torn down and a gravel parking lot put in just doesn’t make sense to me.  When you consider that the chamber building could have been bought by the city for $60,000 and could have housed all city offices and came with a paved parking lot, the logic of spending $100,000 more for just a gravel parking lot escapes me.  There is more parking in town now than at any time in our history and we have fewer businesses located there.  The parking lots we have now are in horrible disrepair, especially when it rains.  Couldn’t some of this $160,000 be used to fix those up?  Or maybe it could have been used to help locate some business here that would employ people.  I was always taught that investments are supposed to make money.  What revenue does a parking lot generate?  It will never employ anyone and it will never pay taxes.  It adds nothing to our city or our economy.  What are our leaders thinking?   
Shouldn’t their first focus be on bringing business to our town?  Is adding a gravel lot to downtown the best they can come up with?  I think it’s time for new leaders!!!
This is an election year and I think it’s obvious to all that we need some real change in our town.  The way we’ve been doing things is NOT working.   
As we think about the future of our town, I think it’s time to elect some new younger leaders who are going to do things differently.  We need some fresh ideas because the old ideas are getting us nowhere.  The old ideas and leaders are bringing us parking lots with no businesses.  There are a lot of younger leaders running for office this year.  We need to think about giving our votes to them.  Leaders like Roger Slade and James Smith.  What they’ve done at the Rohs Opera House is amazing.  I remember going in there when the roof was caving in and there was no heat!  If you go down there now, there is life and excitement and people coming from all over the state.  These are just two of the young leaders we have in our town that deserve a chance this year.

Christine Richardson