Speeding on city streets; police enforce speed limits

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By Ray Johnson

Leaves falling from trees onto city streets and rain do not make our streets very safe for a person who is speeding and is trying to stop. This makes for a very dangerous situation out here this time of year. Every driver needs to remember to adjust your driving habits to the road conditions because the roads are not going to adjust to your driving. Speed limits are posted for a reason and that is for people to drive safely in our community. They are not put out there for people to ignore. Here recently, the Cynthiana Police Department had received a traffic grant from the Kentucky Department Transportation Cabinet for Highway Safety. This grant will be used to enforce the speed limits and seat belt usage in the city. There is no excuse out here to justify why people speed on city streets. But beware, the police will be out here and will target different areas over the next year to enforce the speed limits posted throughout the city. People need to slow down and make these streets safer for people to be on.

KRS 189.390 - Subsection 2 - An operator of a vehicle upon a highway shall not drive at a greater speed than is reasonable and prudent, having regard for the traffic and for the condition and use of the highway.

Subsection 7 - A person shall not drive a motor vehicle at a speed that will impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law.

Subsection 8 - In every charge for a violation of any speed limit specified in this section, the citation shall specify the speed at which the defendant is alleged to have driven, and the lawful speed limit applicable at the location where the violation is charged to have occurred.

KRS 189.393 - Fines for Speeding - Subsection 3 - For any violation of which a specified fine is prescribed, the defendant may elect to pay the fine and court costs to the circuit clerk before the date of his trial or to be tried in the normal manner. Payment of the fine and court costs to the clerk shall be considered as a plea of guilty for all purposes.

Subsection 4 - If the offense charged shows a speed in excess of the speeds shown, the defendant shall appear for trial and may not pay the fine to the clerk before the trial date.

It is very important for everyone to pay attention to their driving. The number one goal here in Cynthiana is to educate our drivers to be safe and to cut down on the number of collisions that we have here in the city. Pay attention to your driving habits and slow down so that you will comply with the law.