A special thanks to some community supporters

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By Ben Hyatt

For some reason I feel like giving praise to a few individuals and groups in the community that often fly under the radar and do not receive the attention they so deserve.

First, major praise should be given to Austin Dacci and the many volunteers responsible for the food program at River Road Park during the summer.

I’m not sure why, but when I think of the noble cause that Dacci and the dozen of volunteers, including the Family Resource Center, bring every day of the summer, I cannot help but feel moved. 

Each day dozens of children make their way to the shelter at River Road Park to receive a well-balanced meal.

Sometimes I know that it is the only meal that these kids get all day long.

The excitement on their faces is more than enough to turn a stone cold face warm with empathy.

It bothers me though every time I go to see how some of our children in the community have to learn to fend for themselves at such a young age.

It bothers me to know that so many kids in our community are dealt such a bad hand.

Dacci and the volunteers are a great example of mission work being done right at home.

Second big pat on the back goes to none other than Margaret Watson and the Harrison County Food Pantry.

Again, during hard times those of us who have what we need don’t ever think about not having the food we need to survive.

I am in no way concerned for able-bodied adults who can fend for themselves but choose not to.

However, sometimes we just need a little help to get by.

Families who fall upon hard times, especially children, are always greeted with kindness by Watson and the volunteers at the pantry.

An amazing policewoman of what is donated, Watson makes sure that the pantry love is never taken advantage of and is stretched to the fullest every single week.

Finally, to the churches I say thank you for all the continued support that you give to the community.

Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness mean the world to those who receive it.

Despite different beliefs and traditions it is amazing that the churches in the community can all see the great needs in Harrison County, which sadly look to be increasing daily.

In a perfect world we would never see poverty or substance abuse nearly on every city corner.

However, since it is here we must all work together to cope with it and relieve stress from those who are made to suffer.

Thanks to all those who really do make a difference in our small community. 

 You know who you are.