A special thanks from the heart

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To the editor:
I received my new heart in May 2011 and I’m now on my way to recovery.
I want to specifically thank our local 911 dispatchers (234-7100 for non-emergency calls) for helping us the night I got the call to get to Louisville as soon as possible for my new heart. Since I had a limited time window to reach the hospital, the local dispatchers assisted in transferring a call to the Georgetown/Scott County dispatch for assistance.
After being unsuccessful in receiving assistance from Georgetown, our 911 dispatchers then checked with the Kentucky State Police to see if there was any accidents or road construction on I-64 between Georgetown and Louisville. Thanks to them, we were able to safely reach Louisville within that window.
Of course there are so many more people and organizations who kept me in thoughts and prayers since my first heart surgery in 2009.
My brother, James Martin, took me in the middle of the night to Louisville when the call for the new heart came in. There were a number of volunteers who also drove me to doctor visits in Louisville.
There is a special thank you to the family of my heart donor who honored her wishes to be an organ donor.
Faye Prather