Songwriter is living his dream

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By Kate Rash

When Tim Jennens was eight years old, he would listen to his older sister play the piano.

“I was just really intrigued by the whole thing and I eventually learned how to play it by ear,” Jennens said.

When Jennens’ mother came home one day to sounds of the piano, she wasn’t surprised.

But she was shocked to find out that the pianist was her son.

“It just comes so natural, it’s hard for me to explain,” Jennens said.

Today, as a professional musician, Jennens can’t count the number of tunes he can play.

“I don’t know how many songs I know,” he said, laughing.

Born and raised in Cynthiana, Jennens now lives in Dayton, Ohio, where he performs at several stores, restaurants and clubs.

“I still love it,” Jennens said about music. “It’s what I was put here to do.”

A 1968 graduate of Harrison County High School, Jennens played in the high school marching band under the direction of Stanley Fizer.

“All of my teachers were really supportive,” he said. “They were just really good people.”

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