Some questions are not worthy of an answer

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

When our daughters were in their preteen and certainly their teenage years, Patti had to do a lot of corrective action both in word and deed.  
She mainly led by example but she did have to repeat herself on many occasions because of the girls, particularly Amanda, repeating the same infractions to the family (Patti’s) rules.  
After one such repeat of a warning to not do something, Amanda queried “Why don’t you just number the rule that we are breaking so instead of going into the complete ‘what we did’ and ‘why we shouldn’t have,’ you can just say Number 6 and we would know what that was to represent.”  
That of course went over like the proverbial lead balloon but it leads to my subject in this column.  
The point of the article today has to do with the number of complaints heard about recreational sports in Harrison County that result from misinformation or just plain doesn’t make enough difference to be mentioned.
Some of the questions that have surfaced at River Road Park this baseball season concern Pony League, Little League and T-Ball.  
I haven’t heard anything about Coach Pitch or Pigtail Softball but that does not mean there haven’t been some.
The first one I will mention falls into the ‘What possible difference can it make category?’  
Someone actually complained about the uniforms worn by the three Pony League teams.  
We have not had Pony League for years and some hard working volunteers, Darrell Baxter and Coach Mac Whitaker put it back into play and someone complains about the uniforms?  
The umpiring is a problem.  This is two-fold with one part not relevant and the other an important issue.  
If the complaint is how balls and strikes are called, or safe and out, it is not valid.  NEXT!  
But if the complaint is about games being played with only one umpire, then it is legitimate.  
However, the fault lies with the umpire that did not show up to work as scheduled.  
I am sure that the schedule was not made with one umpire per field, but with two, and one umpire decided not to show up.  
I hope that when Baxter has a full compliment of umps that he can drop the people who let him and the kids down from the umpire schedule.
There are a couple of problems at River Road that would fit into the ‘Why don’t we number them category.’  
Smoking in the park is prohibited.  
There are signs everywhere that say so.  
When Rick Chasteen was the director he walked the park nightly asking people to please obey the non-smoking mandate from the Recreation Board.  
This was marginally successful because there are those that just don’t fall under the rules of everyone else.  
No smoking means to them to not smoke while someone who is of authority is within eyesight for them, but no smoking anywhere for every one else because they are special. This could be Number One.
Number 2 could be pick up after yourself.  Throw your own trash away. Your mother isn’t here to pick up after her baby.  
I will say that the coaches do police the dugouts after games and have the players clean up after the games.  
Finally, my favorite, Number 3, no pets in the park.  This means your big dog, your middle-sized dog, your little dog, your dog that wouldn’t bite anyone, and the one that will bite someone.  
By the way, the latter is all dogs because under the right or wrong circumstance all dogs will bite.  
During Chasteen’s time as director these rules were enforced as well or better than they have ever been and the park was a cleaner place to visit.  
Chasteen wasn’t forced to umpire games because his umps didn’t show so he had more time to work on these problems than does Baxter.  
But why should he (Baxter) have to work on these issues?  
Are we not grown ups that can read and comprehend the English language?  
Should someone have to follow us around to see that we do things that normal, half way intelligent people do?  
I say we can do it.  
Let’s help bring our parks back to the clean and respectful of others place that it was a few short years ago.