Some odd and ends during the District

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

I had several comments on last week’s article about how the grandchildren remind me and others of me.
I appreciate the kind words and also appreciate that someone reads this. I am thankful for the ability to be around them to know what they are doing.  
Several things of note happened that I want to comment on this week.  
First thing is Stephen Moses and Lee Kendall being selected to the 10th Region Basketball Hall of Fame. Moses was the best shooter that I have seen in the past 35 years of watching Harrison County basketball.
Granted there have been more than one pure shooter here during that time, Chris Snopek, Kris Reitz, Johnny Mac Dawson, to name a few, but Moses was the best I recall.  He is in 10th place on the all time Harrison County scoring list and played on three district winners and three regional semi-finalists.  
One example of Moses’ outlook toward the game is a story that Coach Mike Reitz related to me the other night.  During the 1995-96 season, the Harrison County squad was made up primarily of Moses, Marvin Boyers and a group of very promising sophomores.  Moses told Coach Reitz before a practice early in the season that if he needed to yell at someone yell at him or Marvin.  They were seniors and could take it, but he might scare the younger players.  
Leading by example, which is a lesson we could all learn.  
Lee Kendall will not be inducted until next year due to the Florida baseball and softball trip in March, but was selected all the same.
Lee is a 1977 graduate of Harrison County High School, where he played baseball, basketball and football.
He went to Cumberland on a baseball scholarship.  
Lee is selected into the Hall of Fame as a contributor, which is someone whose overall body of work is exceptional and above the normal requirements of whatever position they are in a the time.  
Kendall has been an assistant coach, head coach for two sports and an athletic director at three schools all in the 10th region.  
He has also driven the bus as recently as last weekend when he took the cheerleaders to Bowling Green.  
Not many athletic directors driving the bus last weekend I would bet.
We are very fortunate to have these two fine men in our community and I offer both of them congratulations on their selection.
One other new member of the Hall of Fame is Greg Letcher of Nicholas County.
I do not believe that a sporting event can be held in Carlisle or a Nicholas County team can participate anywhere unless Letcher is there.  
In my 35 years here in Cynthiana I have not met a better person.  
Greg is the cousin of my friend the late Jim Letcher and he demonstrates the same character that made Jim a great person and friend.  
In my opinion, you just can’t be better than that.
I saw in the Sunday Lexington Herald Leader an article about John and Brent Hampton officiating on the ESPN networks at the same time, as I reported to you in last week’s paper.  
One note in the Herald Leader bit was a comment from John that he knew that his mother was watching Brent since he was “her baby boy.”  
I too could have reported that, but I thought this was supposed to be news.  
According to John, everyone knows that Patsy was watching Brent. That makes it common knowledge not news.  Still a proud moment for Doug and Patsy. Their sons do a fine job on the hardwood.