Slade has vision for town and Cynthiana City Commission

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I was born and raised in Cynthiana and now live and work here as an adult, father of three, minister, and small business manager  (Rohs Opera House). This year is shaping up to be a very exciting election year and what I think is a very pivotal year in our small town’s future. I believe the current mayor and city commission have done a good job in a very difficult year.  But when I think about the decline that I have seen in Cynthiana over my short life (I turned 41 this year), I’m concerned that if we do not gain some momentum soon, Cynthiana will be a dried up ghost town with a shrinking economic base, downtown blight, increased poverty, and all the other problems associated with small town decline. The sad part is that we have so much potential to turn things around. We have opportunities for tourism, downtown revitalization, small business development, and so much more. The world has changed and Cynthiana is in danger of being left behind as we wait for the next big factory to move in and save us! We need more than ever a proactive city and county government that has a vision for what can be. We sit around and talk, talk, talk about our problems but seldom act. How long have we fought about the Handy House when we could have been moving forward with development of a park that could bring business to this community? How much money have we spent on a economic development and an industrial park that sits mostly empty when we could have revitalized downtown and developed tourist activities that would attract thousands?

There will be many candidates this year trying to persuade you to vote for them for various offices. While I support any who want to make Cynthiana a vibrant, thriving community again, I know of one man running for city commissioner that has consistently had a vision for the future. Roger Slade would make an excellent commissioner. Not only does he have a vision for the future revitalization of Cynthiana, he is someone that puts plans into action. His work downtown as an owner of the Rohs Opera House has done more for downtown Cynthiana in the last decade than anyone that I know of. Come downtown on a Friday or Saturday night and you will see life on Pike Street again. That’s primarily due to Roger’s vision. A local school teacher still raising kids, he has a stake in Cynthiana’s future! 

I want to encourage everyone to take this election seriously.  And with that... I want to encourage you to support one of the finest men that I know - Roger Slade.

James Smith