Signs can stay for now

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Constitutionality of sign regs questioned, board delays action

By Becky Barnes

It’s a sign free-for-all for the primary election.

The Cynthiana-Harrison County-Berry Joint Planning Commission voted Monday to table any decision regarding political signs until its next meeting, which will be May 17, one day before the primary election.

In making his motion to table the action, board member David Kramer said he wanted a Constitutional expert to advise the board on its restrictions as written in an ordinance.

There are two issues at the heart of the political sign debate.

Initially, Bill Kuster, one of three district judge candidates, was told in a letter that his political signs were out too early.

The ordinance allows for political signs to be out not more than 60 days prior to an election, nor more than 10 days following the election.

Kuster told the commission that he took down his signs prior to receiving the letter. He said he saw the board’s chairman Avi Bear, who advised that the letter of violation was being sent.

Kuster said he responded that he had already begun removing his signs.

At Monday’s meeting, Bear indicated that the letter was sent as a joke.

“I guess Mr. Kuster didn’t think it was a good joke,” Bear said, just before he was advised to recuse himself from the sign discussion by the board’s attorney Brian Previtt.

“I didn’t take it as a joke,” Kuster responded. “I took it as official action.”