Shooting victim in stable condition, says deputy

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By Josh Shepherd, News writer

A Cynthiana man was arrested and charged with wanton endangerment when he accidentally shot another man in the back while traveling to a New Year’s Eve party.

According to the arrest report from Det. Paul Olin, Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy, Tim Turner Jr. was in the backseat of a large cab pick-up truck also transporting two other adults and a juvenile.

According to the report, the group had recently left a New Year’s Eve party and were traveling on US 62 E enroute to another party when they decided to pull off the road and shoot several rounds from two pistols into the air.

Returning to the truck, Turner climbed in the rear passenger seat still holding a 40 caliber Smith and Wesson pistol in his lap. 

The gun had apparently malfunctioned and not fired its last round, the report said.

Suddenly, the gun went off. The bullet struck Dustin Mullins, 25, in the back. Mullins was driving the truck at the time.

According to witness reports, Mullins exclaimed that he had been shot and pulled the truck to the roadside while another in their party called 911.

Members of the Harrison County Volunteer Fire Department, Brown Ambulance Service, and sheriff’s deputies responded to the call.

Mullins was airlifted to the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center for treatment. He was initially listed in critical condition, but was soon upgraded to stable condition after treatment of his wound.

Meanwhile, the others involved in the incident remained on site. 

According to the report, there was no evidence of alcohol intoxication involved in the case.

In fact, the report said that everyone was cooperative with authorities and responded appropriately to the emergency.

Both pistols, the Smith and Wesson and a 9 mm pistol, were taken for examination and ballistics test. The report claimed that, following tests, a malfunction was detected in the pistol that shot Mullins.

 Olin checked on Mullins a few days after the incident. Providers at UK Hospital reported that Mullins was in stable condition and would soon be released.