Shoemaker follows a dream with an education and support from MCTC-Living Valley Campus

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By Kristy Horine, LVC GUEST WRITER
George Shoemaker is following a dream. Some people might be inclined to question his decision, but now, thanks to an education and support at MCTC-Licking Valley Campus, he can realize his future potential – being a high school math or history teacher.
Shoemaker left a lucrative job in Birmingham, Ala., where he made copper coils for electric motors for 17 years.
He and his family of four moved to Cynthiana after his wife was offered a position as an investigator for the public defender’s office.
“While I worked there [Birmingham], I advanced to a foreman position where I was well-compensated. But I wasn’t happy and my wife encouraged me to go back to school,” Shoemaker said.  
Shoemaker, a 36-year-old father of two girls, Mamie, 6 years old, and Georgia, 3 years old, said the decisions he had to make in order to follow his dreams were not easy, but he and his family knew they were for the best.
“It’s been quite an adjustment now that my wife is the bread winner in the family, but she has been totally supportive of everything I’ve been involved with at school,” Shoemaker said. “I want to be a good example for my daughters so they can excel in whatever they put their hearts into.”  
Shoemaker’s dream is worthy of the sacrifice.
He chose Licking Valley Campus because he could achieve an Associate of Arts degree and then can apply his credits earned on campus to either Northern Kentucky University, the University of Kentucky or Kentucky State University where he plans to transfer after graduation from LVC this spring.
All of his earned credits will transfer to four-year schools because LVC is a part of KCTCS, the Kentucky Community & Technical College System that is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges.
Shoemaker said that earning college credit that will transfer to an undergraduate college is nice, but he has also gained real-world experience while on campus. He is a student ambassador with Phi Theta Kappa, and is employed at LVC as a math tutor.  
“I feel very blessed by all the help I’ve received by the people at Maysville and these groups are an opportunity for me to give back,” Shoemaker said. “The tutoring job pays enough to cover child care for my youngest and it’s helping me learn how to teach and understand people better.”  
With the education and real-life skills he has learned at MCTC-Licking Valley Campus, Shoemaker can now exchange the dream and actually live the life he has imagined and has worked so hard to make happen.