Seperate the "wants" from the "needs"

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By Ben Hyatt

How many of you out there know the difference between a “want” and a “need?”
Sometimes I struggle with the difference when my stubbornness kicks into gear.
Anyway, last week was my typical week. However, I do recall one event that seemed to consume me on every level possible.
I am a movie guru.
I have enjoyed watching movies since I was very young, according to my parents and as indicated by some of my grades from college.
Instead of watching typical television, like the horrific reality TV shows like Honey Boo Boo, I prefer something with a plot, climax and good ending.
Honey Boo Boo screaming because her baby pig pooped on the kitchen table does not count as a plot or even climax.
That being said, I was walking into Walmart some time ago and happened to stroll by the Redbox kiosk for a peak at new movies that might have come out.
As I scrolled through the list of available movies, I stumbled across a British horror movie that was unfortunately “out of stock.”
Despite the move being out of stock, I still chose to read the info describing the British horror as being a must see.
I could not help but leave the machine thinking that I must find a copy to take home for an hour and a half of viewing pleasure.
As I raced to the other venues where I thought the movie might be, I discovered that no movie rental business in town had what I was looking for.
Now here comes the part that shows how much I do love watching movies:
I do have a Redbox app that shows what movies are available and where by simply touching a few buttons on my phone.
For the next few weeks all I heard, even during church, was “Ben quit looking for that movie. That’s God telling you not to watch it.”
I was almost to the point of obsessed with finding the movie. I kept my eye on every Redbox near me like a hawk scopes out a lonely chicken in the field.
It really was comical, or sad for that matter, that I became so consumed with finding this movie.
Nonetheless, as time went on, my wife was called into work one night for surgery.
Me, being the good husband, I accompanied her into town and dropped her off before heading to some friends’ house to help watch their kids.
On the way to the house, bingo ... there she is.
The movie popped-up on my app as being available in Paris Walmart.
After watching and playing with some cute kids, I excused myself and headed to Paris before my prize could be taken by someone else.
When I arrived, another stumbling block fell into my path ... the one Redbox said it was out of stock!
Oh wait... Paris Walmart has two machines. That was a close one.
As I scrolled through the list of movies my heart became so heavy that I felt a bit faint ... not really, but I was excited.
Finally, as the machine displayed “retrieving your movie” I knew it would all be worth the hard work.
As I popped the video into the DVD player later on, to my disgust it was without a doubt one of the dumbest movies I have ever watched.
The title of the movie is not important. What is important is knowing that we sometimes find ourselves being consumed by things that are wants and not working hard for things that we need.
It is all about priorities. We all have issues with them. Mine happens to be with movies apparently. What is yours with.