Seeds for tourism have been planted and are growing

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Small communities all across Kentucky are searching for ways to bring new business and new money into their towns. Towns need people to spend money in their shops, restaurants, gas stations and so on. In a perfect world we would keep a large percentage of our local money here in Cynthiana and entice out-of-towners to spend some of their cash here as well. One way we can do this is with tourism. People will come, but we have to give them reasons to come here. They will not come just because we wish for it. It takes vision, creativity and hard work. We are starting to see some of this take root right here in The Maiden City.

During our Ghost Walks we get a chance to talk with the numerous patrons who explore our city. Most are local people looking for something different to do, but this year especially we are seeing a good percentage of walkers coming from out of town. Several counties and many states have been represented this year. Some are passing through and decide to try the walk, but others are making the trip just to participate in the walk. This is economic growth. For example, two weeks ago I was talking to a couple after the tour and asked them where they were from. They stated that they were from Indiana and had driven here just for the walk. They had dinner at Leono’s prior to the walk and were going back for cheesecake and coffee before hitting the road back north. This story is becoming commonplace among our guests.

Rohs is not the only place drawing out-of-town money. I spoke with a couple recently while sweeping the sidewalk who just finished dinner at Bianckes. They come often and wanted to know what else there was to do. The next week we saw them at our country music show. Starting to see a pattern here? If we give them reasons to come, people will come and spend money. This is economic development. 

The Prizing House recently held its grand opening and of the 100 plus guests, 25 percent were from out of town. The Art Walk this past summer welcomed many outsiders to our neck of the woods. What other ways came we dream up to get them here?  Trust me, if they come for a meal, they will seek entertainment. If they come for entertainment, they will seek food or gas. Some of the seeds have been planted and are growing. What can we add to the mix for an even bigger harvest in the months and years to come?

Roger Slade

Rohs Opera House