Scouts help clean up the streets of Cynthiana

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Cynthiana Boy Scout Troop 76 teamed up with the Licking Valley Community College to raise awareness of what is thrown in the streets of our fair city.   
Litter on the streets ends up in Licking River, which is where our drinking water originates.  
Troop 76 Leadership is trying to instill in the next generation pride in their community, county and state by teaching them to take notice of what can be improved, repaired and built in an earth friendly way.  
Troop 76’s role in the project will occur ed before the painting started.  
The troop has begun to educate about the importance of watching what gets thrown on the streets. Each scout was asked to research how and why this is an important topic to the community.  
Leaders of the troop approved suggestions on proper ways to eco clean and assist Scouts with the development of a plan.  
On the day before the painting, students from the college met with the troop to discuss why teaming up with different local organizations helped improve the outcome of the project, ways to spread the word to the community, and listened to the Troops’ solutions to clean the surface before the painting project.
Then, the cleaning began.   To ensure that the paint will last for many years, latex paint was used.  Since concrete is a porous uneven surface, it was properly cleaned before the paint was applied.
According to Brian Simkins, a biodegradable degreaser and cleaner, along with a wired brush, are the proper tools used for this cleaning project.  
The Scouts learned that a little work will go a long way.  The surface was cleaned, the paint applied, and the Scouts recognized the important part they played to raise awareness in their community on the importance of keeping the storm drains free from litter.