School lunch vs. bag lunch, what’s best for your kids?

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(ARA) - Bag it or buy it? What’s healthier and what will they eat? It’s a question faced by parents each school year. The good news is, both the tray and the tote can be winning meals.
Much attention has been paid to children’s health and there’s an increased awareness that lunch at school is a critical source of nutrition for students. Companies like Schwan’s Food Service have stepped up to improve nutrition by creating new versions of kid-favorite foods that meet the new USDA school meal rules. As of this fall, schools will also offer more produce, including dark green, red and orange vegetables, dry beans and legumes, all of which are nutrient-dense.
One easy step to improve the quality of a bag lunch and the chance it will be enjoyed is to increase your kids’ involvement in the process. Have them help shop for foods and talk to them about which food categories make a lunch that makes a difference.
Lunchtime is a highlight of many school days and an essential part of a productive one. Talk with your kids about what they eat and how lunch can help in the classroom and at play.