Royal baby should not be the center of our lives

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By Ben Hyatt

I trust that the British Secret Service will not be making its way into my home after the following article due to a concern raised about my feelings toward the royal baby.

Despite my happiness for Will and Kate giving birth to a healthy baby boy, I still am sad about the priorities of many Americans who have put their lives on hold during their anticipation for the arrival of the little nipper.

I believe I have written a column before discussing my thoughts on how we sometimes allow our priorities to be a bit skewed.

However, for the sake of allowing me to take my position on the weekly soap-box, let me put my tidbit out there for the public.

First, on what planet do people have to be residents of to think that the birth of a British heir to the throne should be so widely publicized that every media station runs all day everyday coverage of the evolving news?

I promise all of the readers that regardless of what occurs in England, as far as the crown or heirs are concerned, the world will still turn and both the sun and the moon will both rise a set at their appropriate times.

It is sad to think that the royal baby gets more news and media coverage than the second coming of Christ if you really stop and think about it.

Why don’t we see a story like that in the magazine racks at our local Walmart?

All I hear while I am waiting in the lines of Walmart is if “Did you see that the doctors said she is past due?”

Or “We have a bet at work on what they are going to name the baby.”

I bet even some children at home feel less loved now that they see how little attention was given when they were born.

Moving on, I also feel that it is a shame that media has played a trick on the simple-minded and made them think that the birth of England’s new favorite son is worth our time.

Should we not be more concerned about what is going-on at home than what is going on thousands of miles away?

What else could we have done with our time?

Well, those who are unemployed could have looked for a job instead of being glued to the television watching the whole thing unfold or several thousands of dollars could have been put into college funds instead of buying tabloids.

I truly do not mean any disrespect to the royal family.

In a sense I feel bad for them. 

It must be hard for a new mother and father to live and enjoy the birth of their first child with the whole world breathing down the back of their necks.

Finally, I would like to close with this... America, we have become too spoiled to understand what really matters in life, myself included at times.

Stop being wrapped up in the world’s non-influential daily theme and be part of something that makes a difference.

To Will and Kate, congratulations to the newest member of your small family and may he bring you joy that will last a life-time.

 To all of you other people out there that are too hung up on things like the royal baby... get a life.