Robinson Dam swimmer injured

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By Ben Hyatt


A Harrison County man is making a slow recovery following an accident at Robinson Dam on Saturday, June 22, around 8:30 p.m.

Jimmy Hall, 24, will celebrate his 24th birthday at the University of Kentucky Hospital recovering from a broken neck that he sustained during an early birthday celebration at Robinson Dam Saturday evening.

According to Jimmy’s sister, Nina, Hall, several friends and family members were at the dam swimming as part of his birthday festivities.

“He was not going to be able to be off from work for his birthday so we thought we would celebrate early,” said Nina. 

Nina said while she was in town getting supplies for the party, she heard over her friend’s police scanner that a male victim was hurt at Robinson Dam.

“Apparently my sister and Jimmy jumped off the dam and instead of swimming away from the dam he went back toward it,” explained Nina. “He was under the water where his friend couldn’t see him and that’s when it happened.”

While under water, one of Jimmy’s friends jumped from the dam and struck Jimmy near his neck.

“A couple of guys jumped in and pulled him in and they knew that he was hurt pretty bad,” said Nina. 

Shortly after the accident, first responders called for a helicopter to transport Hall to UK Medical Center to be treated for neck injuries.

“Later we were told that he had broken his neck and that he would have to have surgery to repair it,” said Nina. “When it first happened he couldn’t move anything, but since then he is starting to feel and move gain.”

A surgery was done on Hall the next day to repair his broken neck.

“He has started walking again, but he still has no feeling in his left arm,” said Nina. “He can move it but he does not know that he is moving it.”

According to Nina, Hall may face up to 18 months of rehabilitation.

“He will be dismissed from UK no later than Monday and will go straight to Cardinal Hill to begin therapy,” said Nina. 

Nina said her family are very thankful for his progress and the prayers from the community.