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Lessons available for all ages and experience levels

By Ben Hyatt

Horseback riding lessons are now available for all ages and skill levels.

Karen Linker, formerly of North Carolina, has been studying the art of horseback riding for over 24 years.

Linker’s in-depth style of teaching provides a near 100 percent guarantee of success to anyone interested in learning the art riding horses, just ask her daughters.

“Almost anyone can jump on a horse and ride them around,” said Linker. “I try and teach the mechanics behind riding to ensure safety for the rider as well as getting the most out of your time while in the saddle.”

In the past 24 years, Linker has studied the various types of riding from simple trail riding to competitive riding such as dressage, also known as horse ballet, reining and jumping.

However, a foundation of intense learning off the horse must first be achieved before types of horseback riding can be explored.

“We teach more than just how to jump on a horse and trying to steer it in the right direction,” explained Linker. “There actually is quite a bit of science behind it.”

Linker said a great deal of attention is spent on the proper balance that must be achieved while in the saddle.

Linker said that anyone willing to give a good effort toward leaning how to ride will succeed.

“I take students who have never been on a horse or those who have been riding for years,” said Linker. “Age does not matter to me. Anyone can learn to ride correctly.”

Linker said she also takes on clients who have had bad experiences with horses or even those who may suffer from lack of confidence.

“Riding makes you confident,” explained Linker. “Being able to allow the horse to do what it naturally does while being in control is a way to build your confidence not only in ridding but in everyday life as well.”

Linker, with the help of her daughters Valerie, Brooke and Brianna, are currently accepting new students.

“I have around 10 students right now but I can take up to 20,” explained Linker. “Classes have a maximum of three students at a time so we can monitor the students to ensure the best safety possible.”

Linker said lessons start at $25 per hour and take place at her property on KY 36W behind Side Saddle Inn.

For more information about riding lessons or what it takes to become a competitor in the world of horseback riding, contact Linker at 859-402-7934 or email her at cygnetfra@gmail.com. 

More information can also be found on her website at www.cygnetfra.com.