Restaurant/Food Service Inspections

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Feb. 7 -- Fastmax Kocolene, food service 100%; retail 100%.
Feb. 8 -- Speedway, food service, 98%, no towels at hand sink, items stored in sink, temperature logs; retail 100%.
Feb. 8 -- Ken’s NewMarket, deli 93%, egg storage in walk-in, miscellaneous items in/around prep areas-all cleaning supplies need to be stored away from food, meat/cheese slicers, no test strips for sanitizer, temperature logs record cold/hot, labeling, gloves, sanitizing buckets and cloths; retail 100%.
Feb. 9 -- Galactic Alley, 99%, stir sticks storage.
Feb. 9 -- Leesburg Grocery,  food service 99%, single service items, pre-packaged or dispensed with handles up, temperature log sheets, labeling; good job on handling and process; retail 100%.
Feb. 9 -- Baptist Day Care, 100%.
Feb. 14 -- Grand Haven Nursing Home, 100%, temperatures good, handling good, food code practices in place.
Feb. 14 -- Leono’s, 97%, can opener blade to be cleaned, meat stored on the bottom during thawing, good job on handling, temperature log sheets, sanitizing buckets/cloths, gloves, all ready-to-eat foods, labeling, dates.
Feb. 15 --  First Stop Inc., food service, 98%, hot hold temperatures need to be kept on log sheet, stem thermometer; retail 100%.
Feb. 15 -- Bullard Cafeteria, 100%, food code practices in place.
Feb. 21 -- J.J.’s Sweets, 99%, should have nonporous shelving, sanitizing buckets, log sheets.
Feb. 21 -- Apple Shell Market, food service 97%, food protection during service (buns), single service on floor, hot hold food temperature log; retail 100%.