Restaurant Inspections

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Dec. 12 -- Hilltop Grill, 99%, good job labeling and temperature recordings; single service items for storage/dispensing.
Dec. 12 -- 3M Cafeteria, 97%, walls, ceiling, attached equipment construction should be in good repair, clean surfaces, easily cleanable rooms and equipment vented as required; premises should remain clear of litter.
Dec. 12 -- Ewalt’s Grocery, 100%.
Jan. 3 -- Angilo’s, 98%, walls, ceilings, fans, dusty; shelving, prep tables cleaning. Good job labeling, hot temperatures.
Follow-up -- Asian Garden Buffet, 93%, critical corrected.
Jan. 8 -- Joe’s Place, 98%, record hot temps, labeling, miscellaneous items in kitchen need storage.
Jan. 16 -- A-Z Auction Barn, 100%, need to record hot temps.
Jan. 17 -- Don Senor, 99%, items corrected, ceiling tiles, leaks, walls, painting etc, door entering kitchen busted.
Jan. 22 -- Silver Bullet, 100%, good job labeling.
Jan. 29 -- Paula’s Family Restaurant, 94%, dishwasher test strips, lights need to be shielded, seal on refrigerator,  cookers, bottoms poor repair; record hot temps OK.
Jan. 30 -- Cedar Ridge, 98%, great job labeling; spoon storage for self service.
Jan. 31 -- Harrison Memorial Hospital, 100%, no violations.
Jan. 30 -- Our Little Miracles, 97%, ceiling in kitchen, tiles damaged, roof leaking; food storage under leaking ceiling.
Jan. 30 -- KFC/Taco Bell, 98%, good job on temps; walk-in freezer in poor repair (plans to replace), counter for Taco Bell, poor repair (plans to replace), highlight label on fresh chicken, procedure on pizza cutter.