Restaurant Inspections

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Aug. 21 -- B&B Catering, prepping food at Avi’s, 100%.
Aug. 22 -- El Paricutin, 95%, record temperatures (hot hold, prep table, cooking equipment),  miscellaneous items in storage should be properly stored, freezer needs to be maintained.
Aug. 29 -- Angilo’s, 95%, floors, walls need to be cleaned around and between equipment, bottom of prep table around seals need to be cleaned, three compartment sink/sanitizer (cloths) clean, use restricted, lights must be shielded, temperature logs should list food items.
Sept. 3 -- Our Little Miracles, 100%.
Sept. 3 -- Loco Ice, 100%/
Sept. 3 -- Cedar Ridge, 99%,  can opener needs to be cleaned.
Sept. 4 -- Baptist Day Care, 100%.
Sept. 4 -- Paula’s Family Restaurant, 96%, all items should be labeled, fans/vent hoods dusty, floor around three compartment sink, dishwasher should be maintained, sink leaking.
Sept. 5 -- KFC/Taco Bell, 99%, temperatures/record great, new freezer and cooler, handling great, can opener needs to be clean.
Sept. 5 -- Grand Haven Nursing Home, 100%, ceiling leaks have been repaired, new roof construction underway, temperatures good, food handling good.
Sept. 10 -- Southside Elementary Cafeteria, 100%, work order to repair wall behind dishwasher by end of the week.
Sept. 10 -- Hilltop Grill, 99%, single service items stored on the floor, record keeping great.
Sept. 17 -- Harrison County Middle School, 99%, must label all items with dates.
Sept. 17 -- Asian Garden Buffet, 91%, certificate completed, critical corrected, containers not properly labeled, thermometers not conspicuous, food protection, storage prep, display, handling of food, dispensing utensils not properly stored, dish washing facilities to be maintained, food/non-food contact surfaces should be clean, walls, ceiling equipment should be in good repair, clean surfaces.
Sept. 17 -- Family Dollar Store, 98%, record temperatures.
Sept. 19 -- Harrison Memorial Hospital cafeteria, 100%, no violations noted.
Sept. 24 -- Shady Lawn, 96%, great job on labeling; ceiling in poor repair in storage area/wall behind dishwasher; handles on coolers and freezers should be cleaned; grill cleaning items should be properly stored.
Sept. 25 -- Fast Max, retail, 100%; food, 99%, date microwave sandwiches.
Sept. 26 -- Dollar General Store, 100%, no violations.
Sept. 26 -- Joe’s Place, 98%, good job on labeling; record temperatures.
Oct. 1 -- Harrison County High School cafeteria, 99%, ceiling tiles missing/leaks.
Oct. 2 -- Ronnie’s Bar and Grill, 95%, record temps in log book; eggs must be on the bottom shelf, label and date items.
Oct. 2 -- Speedway, retail, 99%, clean around, between and behind self-serve equipment; food, 100%, good job recording temps.